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Equipping Classes

 "For the equipping of the saints for the work of service..." Ephesians 4:12

Equipping Classes

Our equipping classes are a unique combination of fellowship and biblical instruction designed to assimilate people into the life of our church and to equip our members for the work of service. We encourage everyone at LBC to attend an Equipping Class based on their life stage or the subject matter being taught.

170907-crossroads-equipping-stock (1)Crossroads (18-25)

The Fruit of The Spirit
Teacher: Matthew Hunter & Eric Presley
Location: Conference Room
Focus: A ten weeklong series through the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5 to help us get a deeper understanding of these nine Christian virtues and how to apply them to our lives.

170907-family-builders-equipping-stockFamily Builders (25-40)

Getting To The Heart of Parenting
Teacher: Kris Stire
Location: Worship Center
Focus: God has chosen parents to be primary instruments in the shaping of a human soul. So often we get it wrong by using power to get our children to behave in certain ways. We establish laws and then play the role of police officer and judge. This series, by Paul Tripp, explains parenting is so much deeper than rules and regulations. Learn how to become an instrument of heart-changing grace in the lives of your children.

170907-halftime-equipping-stockHalf-Time (40-55)

Lost In The Middle: Midlife and the Grace of God
Teacher: Tyler Jacobs & Randy Swearingen
Location: Classroom 2
Focus: Lost in the Middle reveals that difficulties in life aren’t evidence of God’s inattention. In fact, they are signs of His grace, love, and faithfulness. God will take us where we don’t want to go to produce in us what we couldn’t achieve on our own. Don't get lost in the middle of your story.


Lamplighters (55+)

Big Picture of the New Testament 
Teacher: George Hoepner
Location: Classroom 1
Focus: This overview of the entire New Testament is designed to provide a concise understanding of the person and purpose of Jesus Christ. In addition a study of the founding, expansion, message, and ultimate future of the church. Starting with prophecies of the coming Messiah in the Old Testament and finishing with the fulfillment of the end times, this series will give its attendees a sound understanding of the Gospel and the hope that should be in every believer for the here and now and the future.