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Spiritual Strength And Stamina

August 6, 2017 Speaker: Ken Ramey

Topic: Perseverance Passage: Isaiah 40:27–40:31


(Isaiah 40:27-31)                                                                                                       

THEME: Life here on earth is utterly exhausting, but that’s exactly how God designed it to be in order to help us realize how much we need Him. He never intended any of us frail, fragile, faint-hearted, finite creatures to live life on our own. If we trust in ourselves we will invariably feel frustrated and overwhelmed, but if we trust in Him He will take care of us and sustain us and provide us with the physical and spiritual strength and stamina we need to live and minister effectively. The secret to remaining confident and resilient amidst the difficult, draining problems and pressures of life is to wait upon the Lord, namely, trusting and hoping in who He said He is and what He said He will do

God loves us and is faithful to keep His promises to us.

God has always been there and will always be there.

God created and controls everything in the universe.

God is always hard at work and never gets tired.

God knows everything there is to know and we don’t.

God graciously grants us the power and strength we need to handle any situation He ordains for our lives.