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God On Trial

March 4, 2018 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Romans

Topic: God's Faithfulness Passage: Romans 3:1–3:8

Sunday Service

God On Trial

Romans 3:1-8


Rather than seeing ourselv es being judged by God, we tend to prefer to put God on trial and acy as His judge. None of us has or ever will file an actual lawsuit against God, but we're all guilty of accusing God or blaming Him for being unloving or unfair, and sometimes even thinking that our sin is somehow His fault. Paul knew that after hearing what he wrote about the Jews in relation to the Law and circumcision at the end of Chapter 2, they would accuse him of blaspheming the character of God. So in the opening verses of Chapter 3, Paul took on the role of God's defense attorney (not that God needs anyone to defend Him) in order to confirm that despite their special privileges and advantages as God's chosen people, God is completely just in punishing them along with the Gentiles. In verses 1-8, Paul countered TWO OBJECTIONS from the Jews in order to defend God's character and clear His name. 


1. GOD IS NOT FAITHFUL (vv. 1-4)

2. GOD IS NOT FAIR (vv. 5-8)


Thank God that He always remains faithful to you even though you are not always faithful to Him. Ask Him to forgive you for questioning or objecting to His actions and decisions and for accusing Him in your heart of being unloving or unfair. Ask Him to help you joyfully and sacrificially invest time, money, and resources to share the truth of His Word with those who have yet to hear it.

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